The SLED Safeguard Security Officer training (now called SAFEGUARD training) is divided into three separate training courses: Safeguard Prmary security guard, Safeguard SC Primary Basic Security Officer, Safeguard SC Primary Plus Security Officer,  and the Safeguard SC Security Officer firearms curriculum. Fingerprint services included.

Safeguard SC Primary Basic Security Officer curriculum
4 hours, $100
1)    Security Officer Trainee Program Orientation
2)    Post Orders for Security Officers
3)    Security Officer Registration
4)    Security Officer Ethics
5)    Security Officer Professionalism
6)    Situational Awareness
7)    Observation
8)    Law Enforcement Relations
9)    Note Taking/Reports
10)    Discovered Criminal Activity
11)    Crime Scene Preservation
12)    Workplace Violence and Emergency Response
13)    Violent Event Threats
14)    Training Documentation

Safeguard SC Primary Plus Security Officer curriculum
4 hours $50
15)    Patrol Procedures
16)    Vehicle Operations
17)    Reasonable Suspicion/Investigative Detention/Probable Cause
18)    Arrest  
19)    Use of Force
20)    Testimony
21)    Handling Difficult People  
22)    Handcuffing

Safeguard SC Security Officer Firearms curriculum
8 hours $100 plus ammunition cost
NOTE: We reserve the right to deny or discontinue firearms traing fo anyone who we determine might be unsafe handling firearms
23)    Firearms Training Orientation
24)    Legality of the Use of Deadly Force
25)    Liability of the Use of Deadly Force
26)    Safe Use/Storage of Firearms (on/off duty)
27)    Demonstration of Proficiency
28)    Security Training Documentation

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Firearms Training:

We will cover the South Carolina State required training in firearms safety, introduction to firearms nomenclature and operation of each type of firearm. You will be instructed in the liability that comes with the responsibility of an armed security officer. You must demonstrate the safe and competent use
of the firearm on a range supervised and documented by our certified instructor.

Below are the minimum requirements to become a Certified Armed Private Security Officer in South Carolina

  -You must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  -Must be a United States citizen
  -No physical or mental impairment which would prevent you from competently performing the
  -Has the ability to successfully pass a criminal background inquiry
  -No drug or alcohol use or dependence
  -Has not been discharged from the military service with other than honorable conditions
  -Has not been revoked or suspended by SLED for armed certification
  -Previous experience with firearms is strongly preferred

The registration process includes SLED application, fingerprints required for the application process.

Instructor DOES NOT include the applicable (SLED) application fee.

Payment of $100.00 must be made in advance to scheduled class. You must provide your own weapon, eye protection, ear protection and ammo.

NRA and SLED Certified Firearms Training

Additional classes on request!

Weekday classes available on request!

CWP Classes on request if you do not see a class to suit you,
while we train up our Charleston gun store staff.                     

SC Security Guard training and certification courses
8/24/19 and 8/25/19 in Columbia SC

SC CWP Full Day Course
Since I have been having some medical issues, I have not been scheduling in Columbia SC, but I will hold one for you if you let me know when you want it. Minimum of 2 people.


NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led
Student Version
TBA in North Charleton, SC
Pre-requisite for NRA pistol Instructor course

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course with
SC CWP instructor seminar
TBA in North Charleton, SC
$450 Requires successful completion of the NRA BOPS course prior to attending.
Includes the NRA BIT

Personal Protection INSIDE the Home
$200 Conducted at the North Charleston location

Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home
$250 Conducted at the North Charleston location
Payments by PayPal