NRA and SLED Certified Firearms Training

Good quality, well designed, functional holsters for concealment are very difficult to find, especially locally. Ordering on line is a pain because unless you can talk to the maker and describe body differences and personal desires, you may be waiting a considerable time for a holster that ends up in a drawer.
   I have found a local engineer who does good work and understands what it takes to wear a holster concealed for extended periods of time. I highly recommend his products. Here is the front and back view of one of the inside-the-waistband-tuckable holsters he made for my backup gun, which I carry cross draw-left side. This design also worked right side appendix.
   Send him an email and describe what you need/want. You will not be disappointed.

Additional classes on request!

Weekday classes available on request!

CWP Classes on request if you do not see a class to suit you,
while we train up our Charleston gun store staff.                     

SC CWP Legals only
3/17/19 in Columbia SC

SC CWP Full Day Course
03/27/19 in Columbia SC


NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led
Waynesboro, GA
Pre-requisite for NRA pistol Instructor course
$100 (applies to cost of the instructor course.)
Columbia, SC

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course with
SC CWP instructor seminar
Waynesboro, GA
$500 Basic Pistol course fees applied towards this course.
Includes the NRA BIT

Personal Protection INSIDE the Home
$200 Conducted at the North Charleston location

Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home
$250 Conducted at the North Charleston location
Payments by PayPal