July 2016- (NRA Pistol Instructor course)
I had the pleasure of taking this course with Larry Lynn and Don Kowalski, both who are in law enforcement.
Our “sensei” Steve Kelsay was outstanding. He is extremely knowledgable in all aspects. He is professional, thorough and just as importantly makes the class fun so it is an enjoyable experience. The time we invested with well worth it.
For those of you who are contemplating taking the course I would encourage you to do so. Time and money well spent.
And for those of you who are in law enforcement a heartfelt thank you for all that you do for the citizens of this great country.
Fred Stuvek, Jr.

February 12
My friend, Heather, and I had an absolute blast. We came back to my house and celebrated!  Y'all were great. Heather plans to post her target behind her office door - just in case!!

Very informative and well presented. Ya'll kept it fun and light but also took it seriously. I also appreciate your help with answering my questions!

Fun Class. Very Pleased.

You guys are great! You made me feel more comfortable about going on my natural instincts. Great class and will be recommended to others. Can we go to Heartbreakers?

Good class! Thank you!

Bill and Steve were great instructors, not boring! Great Class!!

Great Class

Bill Rentiers and Steve Kelsay were very professional + great in their instruction! Great & practical tips too!
October 12, 2011
Took class on 10-8-11 was not sure how I would handle a long 8 hour class but these guys made it easy to learn and fun before I new it the class was over. The instructors went above and beyond in everything I would highly recommend and have to my friends and will take some of the other courses they offer. 10 out of 10 guys keep up the great work.
– James

June 27, 2011
Bill and Steve were great. Not only did they manage to keep the material interesting, but they also taught us how to avoid having to use a concealed weapon by focusing on personal security and maintaining situational awareness. I would recommend CDS to anyone who is interested in getting a CWP and wants instructors who do more than just read the required information to you.
– Alex

June 11, 2011
Steve & Bill are incredibly knowledgeable. I feel like they did an amazing job at explaining everything. Being a woman I was a little nervous how my cwp class would go. But they went above and beyond to make me comfortable about the exam and shooting my pistol. I will honestly and seriously recommend these guys to anyone I possibly can. When I went there were about 3 other people taking the cwp course which was great because it made me feel that because it was such an intimate group they were able to go even more above and way way way beyond to make sure we knew what was going to take place. So that being said I passed! I also did better than my fiance which feels pretty awesome!

– Laura

May 27, 2011
I was really dreading the 8 hour class time portion but Bill made the class interesting and informative and the hours went by fast. I came out of the class knowing a lot more than I did before. The shooting portion was a blast and safety was first and foremost. I highly recommend taking Bill's class!
– Darin

May 26, 2011
CDS does a great job! They are very professional and their instruction is easy for levels to follow and learn. They will go out of their way to meet you or your group's needs! They are truly on the Level, Straight forward and Up Right Men. I highly recommend that you give them a try.
– Van

May 26, 2011
This class was great! I found the instructors made the course enjoyable as well as clearly instructive. Serious information and at the same time fun. I have made a point of telling others about it, knowing they will get the right information on handling and carrying a weapon. Something we all need to be able to do safely.
– Leigh

January 2016

Thank you thank you thank you for everything I learned in class!!!  It came in handy today,  guy followed me onto my property and decided to threaten me and act as if he was gonna hurt me...I had my gun on me pulled my coat up put my hand on it and told him to leave...he left!!
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