NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course

Prior to STARTING this course, the candidate must take and pass the NRA BASICS OF PISTOL SHOOTING COURSE INSTRUCTOR LED course.  This is the same course as the blended learning course, but has no online portion and is taught entirely by an instructor face to face with you. Both of these courses are now required by the NRA to take the instructor course. I include this course in the price of the Instructor course structure.

Prior to completing the class, potential candidates for this course must pass a prequalification assessment designed to determine your ability to competently handle a firearm in accordance with the NRA guidelines, and show that you are able to shoot competently. We will conduct this assesment during the class. This exercise is not difficult but does require some knowledge of the basic pistol course as the NRA teaches it.  The prerequisite course will thoroughly prepare you for this.

The Basic Pistol Instructor Course will provide training and experience in conducting the NRA Basic pistol course. In part 1, you will learn how to use the NRA materials and procedures to plan, staff, and conduct firearm training in non-specific course areas. In Part 2, we will take you through the basic pistol course piece by piece while honing your presentation skills using group dynamics and role playing. You will learn to interpret and use the NRA Basic Pistol instructor materials to determine the requirements of the course and methods of training student shooters both on and off the firing range.

The NRA Basic Pistol course will last two full days of training.

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NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led
Student Version
TBA in North Charleton, SC
Pre-requisite for NRA pistol Instructor course

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course with
SC CWP instructor seminar
TBA in North Charleton, SC
$450 Requires successful completion of the NRA BOPS course prior to attending.
Includes the NRA BIT

Personal Protection INSIDE the Home
$200 Conducted at the North Charleston location

Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home
$250 Conducted at the North Charleston location
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Our training philosophy focuses on positive habit development, not on eliminating people from the course. Although we will not guarantee your success, and you CAN fail to meet the requirements of this course, failure is rare if you give it your best. There will be two written examinations you will have to pass with a 90% or above score, and a skills evaluation test to ensure that you possess instructor level skills before being certified as an NRA instructor. The attainment of the NRA instructor status in NOT an automatic - show - up - and pass thing.
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