NRA and SLED Certified Firearms Training
Steve Kelsay

Additional classes on request!

Weekday classes available on request!

Date  TBD (Email for information)
$425.00 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
- Nashville, TN -

Learn to use your new gun!
Call for details!
July 15, 2017
NRA Range Safety Officer
$130 Prepay
To sign up: NRA Registration page
July 19  -CWP Legals ONLY-
Evening Class
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
August 5, 2017
-CWP One Day Class -
$80 Prepay
August 9, 2017
-CWP Legals ONLY-
Evening Class
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
August 26, 2017
-CWP One Day Class -
$80 Prepay____________________

Current Prces (Group rates available)

  SLED CWP  80

  SLED CWP Legal Only 40

  Advanced CWP 200

  Personal Protection in the Home 150

  Instructor - Personal Protection in the Home 225

  Personal Protection Outside the Home 100

  Home Firearms Safety 50

  Firearms for Ladies 50


  NRA Basic Instructor (BIT) 150

  NRA Pistol Instructor  275

  NRA Basic PPITH Instructor 250

  NRA Basic PPOTH Instructor 250

  NRA Rifle Instructor 250

  NRA Shotgun Instructor 250

  NRA Range Safety Officer 130

  NRA Chief Range Safety Officer 130

Please call to schedule additional dates!

I am a native Eastern Kentuckian, and have served in the military as an enlisted soldier and as an Armor/Cavalry and Military Intelligence officer. I have commanded a Combat Support Company, a Tank Company, Headquarters Detachment, and Team Bandit of the 1-16th Infantry Rangers; and was the Director of Special Plans and Operations for MCA Heilbronn Germany. During this period, I worked closely with the Bavarian Border Police (BGS) and the BND in a counter terrorist/counter espionage position. I have worked as a fireman, paramedic, mechanic, commercial diver, sales rep, giant tire specialist for Michelin, computer programmer, and now I am retired from Michelin and the Network Administration Group at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. I do contract diving and Underwater Crime Scene Investigation for thrills on the side.

Building on my military experience, I am a USCCA certified instructor as well as an NRA certified chief range safety officer, NRA Training Counselor (Instructor trainer), and firearms instructor in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Metallic and Shotgun reloading, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, NRA Defensive Pistol, the NRA's Range Safety Officer, and Refuse to be a Victim programs.  I also have become a South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division concealable weapons instructor. I also teach Kalashnikov Rifle fighting techniques.

I am a PADI certified master SCUBA instructor certified to teach all the standard SCUBA ratings as well as 20 specialty diving courses, including Underwater Crime Scene Investigation, Black Water River Diving, and Underwater Archaeology.
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