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SLED Security Guard Training

SC Concealable Weapons Qualification Training
Advanced Concealable Weapons 1
Advanced Concealable Weapons 2
Defensive Gun Handling
Interactive Gun Fighting (Force on Force)
Defensive Tactics for Couples
Introduction to Firearms for Ladies and Children
Introduction to Kalashnikov Style Rifles (AK-47, SAIGA)
Defensive Shotgun
Defensive Carbine
Defensive Pistol
Low Light/No Light Pistol

NRA and SLED Certified Firearms Training

Additional classes on request!

Weekday classes available on request!

Date  TBD (Email for information)
$425.00 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
- Nashville, TN -

Learn to use your new gun!
Call for details!
Sept 6, 2017  -CWP Legals ONLY-
Starts at 10 AM
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
Sept 13, 2017
-CWP Legals ONLY-
Evening Class
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
Sept 16, 2017
NRA Range Safety Officer
$130 Prepay
To sign up: NRA Registration page
Sept `17, 2017
-CWP One Day Class -
$80 Prepay

October 13 NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting
(Pistol Instructor Pre-Qual requirement)
October 14-15 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
$500.00 for all BOPS, BIT, Bops Instructor and CWP Inatructor
- Columbia, SC -

CDS Instructor Donna Mutryn demonstrates defensive Shotgun usage with a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge

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