South Carolina SLED Certified Concealed Weapons Training
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The basic CWP course is designed to meet the minimum training requirements of the SC State law pertaining to Concealable Weapons.

Starting with the construction of both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, you will learn the basic use of the handgun;  defensive marksmanship techniques, selection, storage, and function of ammunition; Firearms safety procedures;  Federal and South Carolina state law as regards possession of a concealed handgun and the use of deadly force, claims of self defense; and avoidance of conflict.  You will be shown various methods of concealing firearms and become familiar with the benefits of each method.

Finally, you will participate in a live fire range exercise in which you will become more confidant in your abilities to hit a target at ranges from 3 yards to 15 yards. Upon successful completion of the range firing, you will have met all the requirements for the training required to obtain your South Carolina Concealed weapons permit. 

You are encouraged to bring the firearm you wish to carry to the class, but if you have not yet obtained one, you may use our firearms to become familiar with the makes and models often used. This will allow you to make better decisions on what handgun will best fit your physical size and method of carry.

We will perform the administrative task of fingerprinting you and assist you in filling out the application forms to be submitted to SLED to obtain the permit.

Advanced level classes are also available to current or pending CWP holders.

The classes are held in various locations, depending on the size of the class and the geographical area that is requested, but the home base is in Columbia just off Bush River Road near Dutch Square Mall.

NRA and SLED Certified Firearms Training

Additional classes on request!

Weekday classes available on request!

Date  TBD (Email for information)
$425.00 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
- Nashville, TN -

Learn to use your new gun!
Call for details!
July 15, 2017
NRA Range Safety Officer
$130 Prepay
To sign up: NRA Registration page
July 19  -CWP Legals ONLY-
Evening Class
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
August 5, 2017
-CWP One Day Class -
$80 Prepay
August 9, 2017
-CWP Legals ONLY-
Evening Class
CWP Legals Only,
$40 Prepay
August 26, 2017
-CWP One Day Class -
$80 Prepay____________________

Current Prces (Group rates available)

  SLED CWP  80

  SLED CWP Legal Only 40

  Advanced CWP 200

  Personal Protection in the Home 150

  Instructor - Personal Protection in the Home 225

  Personal Protection Outside the Home 100

  Home Firearms Safety 50

  Firearms for Ladies 50


  NRA Basic Instructor (BIT) 150

  NRA Pistol Instructor  275

  NRA Basic PPITH Instructor 250

  NRA Basic PPOTH Instructor 250

  NRA Rifle Instructor 250

  NRA Shotgun Instructor 250

  NRA Range Safety Officer 130

  NRA Chief Range Safety Officer 130

Please call to schedule additional dates!

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